Chairman's Word

The Tredagh Singers celebrate half a century of performing in 2020 with a commemorative evening in the spring,  a new major baroque choral project in the summer and in the autumn we will travel to Malta on tour.

Anna Mulroy Chairperson

The Choir was formed in 1970. Ireland then had a young population.  Over half the population was under 26. Bell bottom pants, flowing maxi dresses, ponchos and frayed jeans dominated fashion. The Troubles in Northern Ireland, EEC membership, Carnsore Point, and petrol queues were the big issues.  

Within all this upheaval the Tredagh Singers started to rehearse, perform and entertain the good people of Drogheda.

There is a lot of singing in 50 years.  Success and mistakes were all part of the tapestry.  Musical directors and star performers may have made the headlines.   All the while the choir members made best endeavours to learn their music and words.

Singing guilds our lives, adds depth and texture too.  Members of the Tredagh Singers were and are fulfilled musically by participating in the choir. 

The Tredagh Singers will put you in a good mood, You’d be surprised how much laughter goes on in our choir practices. Yes, you might have to work to learn the words and get your part right, but nothing beats the feeling at the end of a performance when the audience erupts in applause. 

People who like to sing come from all walks of life, ages and parts of the world. Music breaks down barriers and there’s no better example of that than our choir. Within the Tredagh Singer you do end up meeting a lot of different people. You never know who you’ll meet and what connections you’ll make that could makes a difference.

Work, studies, housework and care giving can be stressful and exhausting. Singing with us may provide the release that can help recharge your mojo.

As chairperson I can reflect on what was has gone before and what might be in the future.  The legacy of the Tredagh Singers has touched many lives.  

This is our anniversary year. We sing, onwards into the future. Join us on our journey.

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